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7 Elements Of A Successful Fundraising Event

Every nonprofit wants a successful fundraising event but are they doing the right things to have one? According to one expert, this is not always the case.

During a recent international conference on fundraising, Vivian A. Smith of Liberty Quest …

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5 "Murphy’s Law" Scenarios For Your Special Event

Murphy’s Law dictates that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Veteran special event planners swear by this rule, which is why they are always prepared for the worst possible scenario for their events. Paranoid? Maybe, but you can’t argue they aren’t being careful enough.

Special events inherently have an element of risk involved, explained Organic Events Founder Marika Holmgren in “Nonprofit Management 101.” While she wrote that there is no foolproof way to predict what issues will arise, that doesn’t mean planners shouldn’t prepare for every single scenario possible.

Holmgren identified five of the most impactful worst-case scenarios and suggested reviewing these and others to identify what needs to
be done in each case and how to reduce the risk and liability of the

  • Event income or registration does not meet your goals, financial or otherwise;
  • Natural disasters (hurricane, earthquake, etc.);
  • Hotel strikes and boycotts;
  • A key team member or event planner leaves the project; or,
  • A keynote speakers falls through.

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Nonprofit Galas Breaking Fundraising Records On West Coast

Nonprofit galas in the Bay Area are breaking all sorts of fundraising records this year, bringing hope that organizations could soon be returning to pre-recession fundraising levels.

A report in the San Francisco Business Times reveals that many …

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Making Event Day A Success

Special events require a lot of planning, which begins with creating a timeline listing all the things you need to accomplish leading up to event day. Once you reach that date, there’s no turning back from the fact that it’s time to have the event. But, are you ready for it?

Event day is the culmination of the weeks and months you have spent planning. All of that hard work will hopefully translate into a gorgeous, inspiring, and lucrative event. This can only happen, however, if the proper planning is done beforehand. In the book “Nonprofit Management 101,” Marika Holmgren, founder of Organic Events, wrote that all event planners should follow five golden rules to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible:

  • No Assumptions: It’s critical that everyone involved be crystal clear on
    how event day will flow, what their role is, and what all the key
    players will do
  • Start the Day with Nothing Left to Do: When you begin event day, there
    should be nothing on your list that could have been done the day, week,
    or month before.
  • The Curtain Rule: When you are out in front of guests, at the
    registration table, staffing the silent auction cash-out, or backstage
    with the master of ceremonies, you are in front of the “curtain,” where
    you must remain professional, composed, and gracious.
  • Remember That You Are Part of a Team: Remember that all team members
    need to be briefed, trained, and managed throughout the process.
  • Don’t Expect Perfection, but Do Expect Perfect Troubleshooting: Because
    of the nature of live events, you should anticipate glitches. When this
    happens, your team must be ready and able to deal with the snafu in  the
    most professional and efficient way possible.

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8 Negatives Of Annual Galas

There aren’t many nonprofits that don’t hold annual galas, and there aren’t many nonprofit employees that actually enjoy preparing for them.

As was suggested in one of our recent LinkedIn discussion questions, some employees feel an obligation to atte…

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Special Event Planning Rules

The concept of a special event is great: A night of fun and celebration partnered together with increased publicity and revenue for your organization. What’s not to like? Nothing, really, except for the fact that it takes a lot of work just to plan the…

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12-12-12 Concert Rakes In Cash For Sandy Relief

Yesterday was a special day for a number of reasons. First, it’s going to be a long time before we see a date, day, and year (12/12/12) like that again. More importantly, it was the date of the 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief at Madison Square Garden…

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9 Ideas For Finding Volunteers For Special Events

Finding individuals who are willing to be long-term volunteers for your nonprofit can be difficult. Many people in this country want to do whatever they can to help out organizations, but they don’t necessarily want to do it all the time. That’s why on…

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Linking An Event To Your Mission

Special events are very popular among nonprofit leaders as they allow them to raise money without actually talking about raising money. That’s exactly the wrong approach, according to Jeff Shuck, president and CEO of Event 360, Inc.

Shuck said at a r…

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5 Steps To The Perfect Special Event

To some nonprofit leaders, planning for a special event is akin to having a root canal. Yet despite the difficulties they can present, events have the potential to seriously boost both fundraising and an organization’s reputation.

During the Associati…

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8 Reasons Galas Aren’t The Answer

Galas are a time-honored tradition in the world of special events. They are a great way of raising awareness and money for your cause. Yes, a lot of people seem to love going to these ritzy events; but are they really right for your organization?

In h…

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Bike Nonprofit To Oppose Potential NYPD Fees

The CEO of Bike New York, an organization that runs New York City’s annual TD Boro Bike Tour, is expected to speak out against a proposed $930,000 fee by the New York Police Department (NYPD).

Kenneth Podziba is scheduled to make the announcement at a…